Saturday, August 17, 2013

Alpaca Ponchos The Warmest Option You Can Find?

Gorgeous alpaca poncho
My beautiful alpaca poncho. I just love this thing!! 
With winter quickly approaching a lot of people are looking at ways to stay warm. However, they may have trouble in bringing themselves to putting on a coat in August. I can tell you in Ohio last night, the temperature dropped to a chilly fifty six degrees. I was thinking about breaking out the coats and my husband was already complaining because I broke out the afghans for the bed. We have a tendency to sleep with our windows open at night because of our dogs heating up the room.

Looking in the closet for my coat  I decided the eighty degree temperature for the high was not going to work out well for a coat. This is when I settled on my alpaca poncho. These ponchos are one of the best items I ever bought. These are light weight, meaning I actually forget I am wearing it, but these are also very warm so I am able to wear the poncho on the chilly day.

The problem I have found is actually locating a 100% alpaca poncho. Most of the ones I have seen in the store, which claim to be alpaca are a horrible blend. These blends normally do not mean you are going to have the same warmth and light weight you want to have. Then you are going to have even more trouble in getting to enjoy your poncho because the product is not helping you stay warm and enjoy your life.

Remember one of the key factors when you are looking for your own alpaca poncho is to find an alpaca farm or alpaca farm store. These places have a great reputation and typically will make the products from their alpacas fiber or use only suppliers who have been proven to provide 100% alpaca products. Without these farms and stores, you can run the risk of getting an item which is not alpaca, but instead is a blend.